"Simply Clean"

Nowadays while all the cars are very quick to throw on flares. We sometimes forget the beauty of the factory body lines. Enter automotive purist Mindy of Washington State with her 2007 Mazdaspeed 3. Her car is the definition of functional while "breaking necks" at the same time. The gunmetal hue of the TSW Chicane wheels flow so well with the factory Mazda silver paint and yellow fogs. Window rain visors and mudflaps are essential in the PNW atmosphere while adding that "JDM cleanliness theme". Mindy can hug the corners well on those Washington backroads with her BC Extreme coils complimented by her Grip Royal steering wheel. While a new setup is actually in the works with new wheels buddied up with an accuair airbag system, let us applaud Mindy's current flawless build. Follow the build on Instagram @ _Mindysuee index index1 3 4 5 Owner: Mindy @_Mindysuee Location: Washington State Vehicle: 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 Mods / Exterior: -GV style front lip -18x8.5 TSW Chicane wheels -BC Extreme Low Coilovers -Window rain visors. -3 inch straight pipe exhaust -Mud flaps Mods / Interior: - Grip Royal suede steering wheel - NRG quick release - Pioneer head unit - tripod pillar gauge setup Future mods: -new wheel setup - airbags (accuair)