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Author: boneout ben

"The Perfect Balance"

Purchasing a car is a personal experience. It involves a purpose as well as it reflects the owner's identity. When Hector Levario of Palmdale, California put together his clean 2007 Honda S2000 his only intention was to purchase a fun daily driver. Believe it or not Hector's first car was actually a foxbody Mustang. Hector's older brothers were into Mustangs and he grew up near LACR (Palmdale). He had driven the Mustang for 6 years and was in the process of an engine and transmission makeover when he went into the market for a daily driver S2K. He then purchased his unmolested S2000 in Vegas without any intentions of modding it. Then the "mod bug" hit him and what we see here is the result of his flawless piece of machinery. Alot of his styling was inspired from watching Japanese Hot Version films. The reason I dub this build story the "Perfect Balance" is because his car is wild enough to give you the wow factor while still being able to be a functional daily driver that can be used on spirited canyon runs and cruises. He still maintains a balancing act by owning both a USDM monster and a JDM touge warrior. When building a car, individuals sometimes overbuild a car to the point where the engine is too illegal to be on the streets and paranoia governs their daily routine. Also sometimes individuals get a bit carried away with the "show factor" and create a car that they don't drive in fear of getting door dings or being stolen. The overbuilding of modded cars often results in the individual parting out or selling the car without actually enjoying it. Hector was able to execute styleability and personal enjoyment catered soley to his needs. Hector's future plans include adding Voltex aero, canards and TE37's which are already on its way but in the meantime let us indulge in his current clean setup. The perfect formula of daily driveability infused with quality functional parts. 2 888 56565 645645 6575675 4 4rf 5 Mod List: Exterior: Factory Oem Ap2 lip. Downforce USA carbon fiber front lip for Oem Ap2 lip. Factory Oem side strakes. Forbidden Usa double sided carbon fiber hardtop with Forbidden USA quick release latches. Voltex Racing Type 2 GT wing. Forbidden USA carbon fiber rear diffuser. Forbidden USA carbon fiber side splitters. (All carbon fiber is 2x2 weave). Jā€™s Racing track number plates. Discontinued Greddy Ti-C Dual exhaust with titanium tips. ASM Yokohama license plate hardware. Interior: Factory Oem CR edition center console trim/radio door cover. FD2 Type-R shift knob. Alcantara shift boot. Alcantara/perforated leather elbow rest. Cusco/Bride collaboration racing bucket seats. Buddy Club seat rails. Bride seat/bolster protectors. Wheels: Enkei Nt03 18x9.5 +40 squared set up. Muteki Lug Nuts. Tires: BFGoodrich G-force Rivals 245/40-18 square setup Under Hood: Cusco Carbon fiber strut bar. Ballade upgraded clutch with Ballade lightened flywheel. Berk Technology test pipe. Suspension: Buddy Club N+ Coil overs. Jā€™s Racing lower ball joints. T1R rear axle spacers.

"Giving back" Jun Project Evox

I am a huge advocate of giving credit where it is due. Jun Osumi of Alhambra California is no stranger to the import scene. In the late 80's he already had a 1980 Toyota Corolla fitted with twin carbs, trd header and Wed Autobahn wheels. When the last generation Honda CRX came out in the early 90's he was sporting a 50 shot NOS which was later equipped with a Drag turbo kit and running a respectable 13.1 @ 115 mph at higher elevation LACR Palmdale. Jun was part of the era which started the import scene back in the 80's when RWD Toyotas, Mazdas and Mitsubishis ruled the streets of So CAL. I credit the San Gabriel Valley and Southbay for starting this global phenomenon that can still be felt present day. Before drifting, it was all about street racing and drag racing. Ontario, Sylmar, Compton, Gardena and Terminal Island were some of the favorite street racing spots of this fast growing subculture. The Honda Scene and industry as we know it including many of the old schooler's who helped pave the way arose from this era. Jun was part of this underground which is now "mainstream" movement. Jun is one of the most humble and nicest industry individuals you'll ever meet. He is well connected in the scene yet still remains down to Earth and is active within it. His 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X is built not only with pride but expression as well as he lost his brother Kazu to a battle with colon cancer not to long ago. I am grateful as his generation has created a motorsport subculture of self expression, identity and recreation through the modification of import vehicles. If you need parts feel free to reach out to him at IMG_20160311_154136 IMG_0704-2 2016-02-24_10-02-52 23515040254_3bb09d50b3_b 24713838791_0d4f43b0b6_h FB_IMG_1455732083443 preview Mods done exterior - Chargespeed front bumper (for shows) OEM with JP USA front Lip, Password JDM upper and lower canards, Seibon CF front grill for daily use, Chargespeed side skirts, Chargespeed side front fenders 20mm over, Victory Function rear over fenders 20mm over, AIT Racing rear CF splats, VIS CF Do Luck style trunk, Titek CF air vents on hood, wrapped mirrors, roof and center air duct by MV Wraps, Miku Hatsune Itasha graphics representing company and brother who lost his battle to colon cancer. Image picked by daughter's. Dragonlaminates headlight/fog light film in Neo Blue, tail light film in Neo Silver. ANZO USA led/halo headlights along with led tail lights. Interior - Grip Royal Royal ghost steering wheel held by NRG quick release. DND performance Katana shift knob 8 inches in white and black. Bride/Cusco zeta 3 seats on Bride seat rails x 2. Wrapped interior pieces in white. AEM fail safe gauge. Pioneer AVH audio with DVD. Engine bay - PassworJDM CF radiator cooling plate. Password JDM dress up bolts in red. Password JDM CF fuse box covers x 2. Tein good supports wrapped with sticker bomb. Custom painted engine cover in white. Wheels - Work D9R 19x10.5 +23 with 8 Prince 20mm spacers all around. Hankook Ventus tires 265/35/19 with custom Tire Stickers representing Socal_Evo and JunProject. Performance - Vibrant performance UICP/LICP, ETS 3.5 inch FMIC custom sprayed with JunProject logo. Synapse BOV, Megan Megan racing 3 inch down pipe, custom test pipe, Apex exhaust control valve, DC Sports dual canister cat back exhaust. Roadrace engineering mild dual tune at 352hp/359tq on pump gas and 415hp/409tq on E85. Stance USA coil overs, Project MU NS series brake pads front and rears. Custom Robispec rear sway bar. Future mods - Full ETS piping. Manifold with bigger turbo, injectors, fuel pump. Stage 3 clutch. BBK. New graphics. Roll cage by Cusco. Retune for more power. Special Thanks to his Sponsors: Maxxoil, Dragon Laminates, pwriigo, Tirestickers, Grip Royal, AEM Electronics, Cusco/Bride, Chargespeed, Vinyl Junkies, Japangeles, DC Sports, Stance USA & JP USA.

"Simply Clean"

Nowadays while all the cars are very quick to throw on flares. We sometimes forget the beauty of the factory body lines. Enter automotive purist Mindy of Washington State with her 2007 Mazdaspeed 3. Her car is the definition of functional while "breaking necks" at the same time. The gunmetal hue of the TSW Chicane wheels flow so well with the factory Mazda silver paint and yellow fogs. Window rain visors and mudflaps are essential in the PNW atmosphere while adding that "JDM cleanliness theme". Mindy can hug the corners well on those Washington backroads with her BC Extreme coils complimented by her Grip Royal steering wheel. While a new setup is actually in the works with new wheels buddied up with an accuair airbag system, let us applaud Mindy's current flawless build. Follow the build on Instagram @ _Mindysuee index index1 3 4 5 Owner: Mindy @_Mindysuee Location: Washington State Vehicle: 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 Mods / Exterior: -GV style front lip -18x8.5 TSW Chicane wheels -BC Extreme Low Coilovers -Window rain visors. -3 inch straight pipe exhaust -Mud flaps Mods / Interior: - Grip Royal suede steering wheel - NRG quick release - Pioneer head unit - tripod pillar gauge setup Future mods: -new wheel setup - airbags (accuair)

The origin of Boneout LA / Worldwide

j4 j2 j1Boneout LA has come a long way. It was founded as an inside joke among 5 highschool buddies back in 1995. Mike L. (Ben's older brother) who's idea was to create as car club amongst close friends who were different in every way but shared a close bond with car building. Despite their "differences", their loyalty and bond kept their 5 car crew strong. As time went on, the other individuals moved onto different things involving their future but Mike L.'s younger brother Ben L. thought about reviving the crew back in 1999. Mike was in the market for a 1999 Integra GSR but somehow Ben convinced Mike to get a 1993 Toyota Supra (before the crazy mark up after the release of F&F movie franchise in 2001) We managed to find a Baltic blue Mica 1993 Toyota Supra in a 5 speed manual transmission. Ben used to borrow the Supra to attend local car meets and shows. Alot of times Ben was discouraged because of the gap between the working class kids who modified cars (such as himself) vs. the spoiled kids who modded cars using their parents or finacial aid as a source of income. Despite being discouraged and usually solo at these events, Ben was able to build the car group to a vast global scale at over 200 + members spanning from the United States, Philippines, Japan, and the UK. The states which incorporate members from the California, Texas, Seattle, Nevada, Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Penslyvannia. BRG is also affiliated with two pro drifters (here and Japan) as amateur drifters as well. We vary from vehicles engaged in autocross, show, track, drift and street car types of builds. Our central theme is "loyalty unrivaled" and we focus on a good core of people instead of a fixed up car. You can build a nice car but not buy character. Ben L. and Mike L. are pictured below


One of BRG's best kept secret lies in Tokyo's neighboring city of Chiba. Two of the local town heroes are actually members of BRG. Their style is a fusion of JDM mixed with USDM styling. Stance merged with JDM aspects help serve as the key ingredients for these two popular individuals whom are known pretty in the stance game.

BRG LA Pre-Nisei meet & greet / Nisei / Stancenation Showoff 8/14

With only 4 days of short notice some of the younger guys in the LA BRG crew decided to throw a Pre-Nisei meet in honor of the legendary Nisei carshow that's been around since the mid - 90s. Nisei teamed up with Stancenation for a collabo of a megashow. We were going to have two cars entered the following day; an FC and S2K. (It was the only FC that was at the show,since they all have blown motors LOL) Well, I am glad Kevin and Charlie got a taste of their first car show and hopefully the heat and the politics did not discourage them šŸ˜›

BRG Texas invade Stance Nation Dallas

BRG Texas has been a force in the midwest region for quite sometime. A collaboration of top notch Stance inspired vehicles consists of the Texas family. Many of the guys are actually Stance Nation feature cars, Andee owner of AP Garage in Dallas actually graced the cover of Texas Finest Magazine. We had a very solid line up and of course all these are always great togethers for the family to catch up since the everyone lives hours away from each other. Ian was able to take top VIP honors overall as well as Andee who took 2nd place.

BRG Boston Hot Import Nights 2014

The BRG Boston family came correct and entered the Massachusetts import scene by storm. The Boston BRG family consists of a variety of vehicles from show, drifters, VIP-style and JDM-inspired vehicles. This year the Boston family invaded Hot Import Nights and Brian Nuova (Super Street featured car) SR20DET powered AE86 was able to take away two top honors.

Jap Fest England 2014 live coverage from boneout UK

One of the biggest festivals import festivals in Europe takes place in the UK. Our staff was out there to cover this awesome event live and bring us some of the hottest cars Europe has to offer. Drifting, carshow, vendors, spectators and booths all rolled into enormous venue.

R34 Festival Japan

Special thanks to D1 Line Up Boldworld driver Tsutomu Fujio for the pictures: Enjoy šŸ˜€