The origin of Boneout LA / Worldwide

j4 j2 j1Boneout LA has come a long way. It was founded as an inside joke among 5 highschool buddies back in 1995. Mike L. (Ben's older brother) who's idea was to create as car club amongst close friends who were different in every way but shared a close bond with car building. Despite their "differences", their loyalty and bond kept their 5 car crew strong. As time went on, the other individuals moved onto different things involving their future but Mike L.'s younger brother Ben L. thought about reviving the crew back in 1999. Mike was in the market for a 1999 Integra GSR but somehow Ben convinced Mike to get a 1993 Toyota Supra (before the crazy mark up after the release of F&F movie franchise in 2001) We managed to find a Baltic blue Mica 1993 Toyota Supra in a 5 speed manual transmission. Ben used to borrow the Supra to attend local car meets and shows. Alot of times Ben was discouraged because of the gap between the working class kids who modified cars (such as himself) vs. the spoiled kids who modded cars using their parents or finacial aid as a source of income. Despite being discouraged and usually solo at these events, Ben was able to build the car group to a vast global scale at over 200 + members spanning from the United States, Philippines, Japan, and the UK. The states which incorporate members from the California, Texas, Seattle, Nevada, Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Penslyvannia. BRG is also affiliated with two pro drifters (here and Japan) as amateur drifters as well. We vary from vehicles engaged in autocross, show, track, drift and street car types of builds. Our central theme is "loyalty unrivaled" and we focus on a good core of people instead of a fixed up car. You can build a nice car but not buy character. Ben L. and Mike L. are pictured below