Enter Tsutomu "The Terminator" Fujio and Line Up Car Service Japan

We had the priveledge of hanging out with our extended family over at Line Up Car Service in Japan. Located in the southern Kansai region of Himeji is this hidden gem of a tuning shop where no job or service is too great for their knowledgeable and skilled staff. This also gives way to the pilot of their dual R34 D1 GP drift skylines and our brother Tsutomu "The Terminator" Fujio who is currenty a D1GP professional decorated drifter. Fujiosan is no stranger to the motorsports world having experience in time attack and drifting and it was a great honor to hang out with the family and catch up for a yakiniku session. Line Up is a very well reknowned shop in the region, when we arrived it was like heaven seeing all the cars just parked in front which people all over would die to own. An array of Silivas, 180sxs, Z33's, Skylines and even an old school early 80's celica littered the parking lot. Seeing the twin drift skylines was such a treat but the cars all over were just icing on the cake. Here is a few snaps the BRG crew took, feel free to indulge. Also please follow Fujiosan this D1GP season ;D