Day Above Ground

Day Above Ground, rising out of the manic jungle of Los Angeles, is bringing a new element to the Rap Rock genre. Through the bands songwriting approach, which displays full knowledge and quality of the Hip Hop & Rock of the early 90's, and with players coming from many different musical angles and backgrounds, DAG hopes to stimulate the mind of new music lovers across the globe! Day Above Ground harbors a brew of Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, Deftones, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd. With plenty of raw, live experience, DAG is constantly pushing the envelope through songwriting, performance, and overall, professionalism. In just one year the band has self-released two titles, the DAG EP, and their first LP, High View. The line-up: Joe Anselm-Lead Vocals, Drew Drumm-Rap Vocals, Mike Tourage-Guitars, Marcello Lalopua-Bass, Steve Reese-Drums Facebook fan page for DAG