Untouchable BRG Texas (dallas) doin work over the weekend

One of the more newer additions to the Boneout crew is the Texas click of Dallas. Andee who is one of the more prominent figures of the DFW division has been busy ever since he ascended into the family. Making a strong presence at CCM 11 in Austin a few weeks back, Andee, Peter and Sang are once again dropping jaws and breakin necks this weekend at the Lowered Class event. These 3 beings rolled all boosted while Peter is currently twin turbo and Sang has the heart of a twin spooling supra in his gs lexus. These guys went straight from the car show to the track the next day, no fronting, definitely the life of an all out car enthusiast with the eligible bragging rights for show and go!!! and heres a vid of them doin dirty on the tracks