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Archive for October 2011

a must post !!! hella deep !!!

break yo' self status or what ??

you probably had to been have raised in the 90's to understand this type of humor .. LOL

Now available ... the long awaited "HIDAC tee !!!"

"HOES IN DIFFERENT AREA CODES" tshirt now available... Inspired by the the numbered sectional pieces inside the boxes of models(cars/planes/boats/robots etc) sizes M-2XL and in colors white/pmu green, black/red and dark gray and pink. 100% cotton and only $18 (add $2 shipping to any of the lower 48 states)

this is too awesome

online dating.... FAIL

RIP Steve Jobs

A man who made the world realize that school isnt for everyone and that you may still be sucessful and come up as long as you hustle. His innovations affect our daily lives present day, you will be missed.

on the quest to hit 700 horsepower

Joseph Kang (BRG's muscle) AKA Ktown's white phoenix is on the quest to hit over seven hundred ponies which is attainable since he is just shy of those 3 digits at 664 horsepower on pump gas !!! definitely definitely an achievement and the other interesting thing is this car is daily driven !!!