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Archive for August 2011

random pic of the day

boneout Manila holding it down once again 40 + cars and growing ....

For those of you folks who arent aware of where Manila is, it is located in the Philippines in South East Asia... Boneout is a worldwide car enthusiast group with quite a few divisions all in a few countries / states. Once again this is a tribute to our folks out there for holding it down. We are totally proud of you guys hustlin' and keeping up the good work !!!! With over 40+ cars strong, the Manila-click is definitely dominating and setting the scene out there... a tribute to the past and present members and total respect on winning best car team award at the wheels ablaze car show !!!!

boneout LA Japan tour 2011

I apologize for the lack of blog entries, just got back from Japan not too long ago and took a ton of pictures which needed resizing / editing. This personally was my 5th trip to Japan but first time in the summer. A bit hella muggy and humid for my taste but anytime in Japan is always a treat. Here are the following pictures... enjoy folks peep out this GEM '71 skyline GTR w/ roll cage, bucket seat, flares etc....