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Archive for May 2011


Bike Night 2nd year anniv. Au79

Here's a few shots from Victor's Au79 Bike Night he throws every month end, I think it was safe to say over 100+ bikes easily came from all over the Los Angeles region. Always have a great time at these events, good vibes and even had some giveaways as well. Thanks again Vic and cant wait for next month

shop review: AUDIOSPORT 818

With summer just around the corner and "global warming" inevitably giving us bi-polar weather, I think "tint" can definitely be an asset for alot of you folks. Audiosport 818 located conveniently in La Crecenta/ Tujunga boundary is just 15 minutes north of Hollywood/ Ktown area. They can help you prepare your car for summer with their extensive audio selection and knowledgeable staff. Whether you crave the bumps in the trunk for summer cruising, navigation, tint, LED foglights, light bulbs, custom system work, back up cameras, roof overlays even electrical / headlamp installation and even speakers on boats are amongst the goods and services these folks provide. Pretty much the whole Boneout Crew based out here in the LA area get serviced over here and you definitely will not be disappointed but rather grateful that there are still some "mom and pop-attitude" type places still around to provide great service to us enthusiast.
Audio Sport 6630 Foothill Blvd Tujunga, CA, 91042 (818)352-5112 (818)352-8022 (818)352-8002 fax
***photoshoot pic***

Dogfight vs Cobra Mustang

Bigups to Kangwoo, skilled both off and on the track!!! Finally got my one of many un-edited videos ive had throughout the years on the track finally edited. This one in particular being a favorite because it was an actual showdown of JDM vs USDM and the car was a pretty heavily modded Ford Mustang Cobra, this beauty totally roars up and down the racetrack. We actually downsized the duel which was probably a good 4 minutes but didnt want to bore the viewers anyways ENJOY and i hope you folks have a great weekend. 350z vs Mustang Cobra @ streets of willow

Die Hard Support ;)

nuff said............

the weekend...

Started with drinking... chillin... and ended with Korean BBQ....

Love up in Tokyo

The homie Brenton rockin' the "boneout2betterdays" tee in a bar in Tokyo showin' some love.. Appreciate it homie,much love and respect !!! order yours today !!!

Purple Wall

We aim to bring our consumers a blend of unique and eclectic products whether it is fashion, shoes, art, urban toys, music or skateboarding. To expand our brand we believe in providing up to date information and insight of our boutique's merchandise and other aspects of our lifestyle. Doing so our online magazine will touch on fashion, art, music, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and the automotive world. Come by and check them out @

Lakers only hope


Pacquiao vs. Mosley

Honestly, with 8-1 odds in Vegas in favor of Pacquiao it seems as though it may be a mismatch because Mosley is 39 years old and a bit over the hill. I honestly am a huge Pacquiao fan but i do like Mosley alot by means of these guys are have just awesome personalities. They are both popular amongst the general public and Mosley was touching Pacquiao's arm both smiling together in the sports section of LA times.. I wont lie that i definitely am a bit nervous because Mosley at his peak was a beast, he is just a bit old now but never doubt an underdog. GO PACQUIAO !!!!!!! props for putting boxing again on the map !!!!

Boneout LA "welcome to LA" slaps now available

2 x 2 high gloss diamond cut boneout "welcome to LA" slaps now finally available. 8 pieces for only $4/ free shipping. These highly durable slap stickers can find their way to your car window, cell phone, laptop etc.... to order paypal $4 to (of course free slaps w/ tshirt purchase).