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ktown's white phoenix

A phoenix often symbolizes the rebirth of something and in Joseph Kang's case, he didnt fuck around when he re-did his car. He built this car just for his specs and liking, not a full-on sponsored shop car thats built to look pretty at some car show just how many cars are nowadays in So. Cal. Joe did the dumped, lowrider-look with the deep dish low offset Work VSXX in rare burning black but after SEMA 2009 (thanks to M2 Motoring) he thought his car needed a bit more kick to it, which came by the way of a Greddy twin turbo kit. Joe ditched the Work VSXX for some light weight Volk RE30's and rebuilt the car inspired by legendary JDM tuners overseas making sure nothing was half-assed and EVERYTHING was functional. Building an HR which is the later series in the VQ family takes alot of planning and thought. When Nissan made the final VQ motor to grace the 350z model, they didnt plan on it being moded, kind of like a type R integra, it was supposed to be efficient and powerful so that it didnt need to be modded and the lack of aftermarket support for the HR is testament. That's really where Joe and Technosquare went to extensive work with this project and indeed it was well worth the wait and effort. I feel that when you build something, you save up and build it right, dont go half-assed because you'll end up re-doing it again later. One of Team Boneout/ BRG's cleanest car's, not to mention one of the cleaner Z's in So. Cal now became a Ferrari-Killer overnight rated at 650 HP on pumpgas, this Z is definitely a car you dont wanna F--- with !!!!
Engine 1. CP 8.5:1 compression pistons 2. Carrillo Pro-H connecting rods 3. Tomei PROCAM 272 camshafts (11.3mm lift) 4. Tomei valve springs 5. Cosworth head gaskets 6. ARP L19 head studs 7. ARP main studs 10. Greddy HR 20G twin turbo Kit 11. GTM fuel return system 12. RC 1000cc fuel injectors 13. CJ Motorsports twin Walbro fuel pump assembly 14. HKS spark plugs 15. 2 HKS BOV's 16. Haltech Platinum Pro EMS w/ boost control solenoid 17. Haltech dual channel wideband controller w/ dual wideband gauge 18. Defi Advance BF gauges (Boost, EGT, Oil Pressure) 19. Koyo radiator 20. Samco coolant hoses 21. Koyo radiator cap 22. Stillen oil cooler 23. Nismo oil cap 24. Nismo power steering cooler 25. Greddy oil catch tank 26. APS 3" true dual exhaust Drivetrain 1. OS Giken twin plate clutch/flywheel 2. ZSpeed Performance heavy duty concentric slave cylinder 3. VLSD + 3.3 final drive Suspension 1. Stance GR+ coilovers 2. Top Secret Roberuta air cup kit 3. Cusco front A-arms 4. SPC rear camber arms Wheels/Tires 1. Volk Racing RE30 Formula Silver (19x10 +22, 19x11 +25) 2. Yokohama Advan Sport (275/30/19, 295/30/19) Aerodynamics 1. Shine Amuse front bumper w/ CF diffuser 2. Shine Amuse side skirts 3. Shine Top Secret rear diffuser 4. Vertex trunk spoiler 5. Ganador CF side mirrors 6. CF roof overlay Interior 1. Nardi Classic 330mm suede steering wheel 2. ARC titanium shift knob 3. Pioneer Z110 navigation unit w/ rearview camera

boneout la sponsors blended events 6 year anniversary at j lounge

Here are some photos from Blended Events 6th year anniversary at J Lounge that was sponsored partly by Boneout LA, thanks to the homie Jonathan for showing some love and helping promoting our brand. defintely peep out J Lounge on Fridays cause its hella poppin and holla at my boy Jon, here's his contact info. -Addiction Saturdays @ J Lounge in Downtown LA-
Contact me for guestlist/birthdays/bottles! I can host your birthday/graduation party for FREE! mobile: 310.850.3071 BBM: 30A847A7 email:

operation japan tsunami/quake relief still continues

Initially boneoutLA along with bumoff and M2 ill-prepared a car meet in favor of the Japan Relief movement within less than a week. With an expected 20-30 cars w/ an entrance fee of $5 minimum we were hoping to make around $200-$300 at the most. With the help of technology this "last minute meet" went viral on the forums all over So. Cal and roughly 70+ cars showed up in a Target parking lot in Rosemead raising the combined total of $755 ($100 from sales of
pray for japan
stickers donated generously from which all of it got donated to the American Red Cross in favor of the tsunami/quake victims overseas. decided to continue the mission because although it is somewhat disappearing from the news, there are still a ton of people affected overseas in Japan. Boneout LA offered a limited edition japan relief tshirt which symbolized japan's battle of the tsunami where in what we made will be donated for the victims back home. This time around we figured to turn the money into items of need, our first batch of sales generated money to buy a variety of blankets.
* i left the corner unfolded to show the dual layer on the bottom right and this next picture depicts the massive size of just one of the many kinds we picked up.
Want to say THANK YOU for all the overwhelming support we are getting, together we can make a difference !!!

love up in texas

Was going through the homie Brandon's Sarap Buhay's facebook site and spotted a Boneout LA sticker in the tagged photos area on a really mean Scion XB out in Texas. Dumped to perfection just how we all like it !!! This totally made my day, Enjoy !!!


So I was on my way to downtown Fullerton yesterday and on Harbor Blvd i look over and some dude had throw up all over his cheek dripping and the side of the car, I was like
"Hey having a hell of a Friday?" and he smiled and nodded like there was nothing totally wrong with the picture.
The guy didnt bother to wipe his face, it seemed his driver was unaware or didnt care. I would totally be on the side of the road making/helping my friend wipe my car down while bitching him out so it was the most akward, depiction and definitely some random ass shit on a Friday.

slangin inc tattoo serving your needs west of the 110

Alot of love and respect goes to one of my good friends whom I consider like a brother, my kuya Loko for finally pursuing his dream by opening up a tattoo parlor called Slangin' Inc. Located on
1023 S. Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles
right off of Olympic and Fairfax a few stores away from Carl's Jr and conveniently located across from a Starbucks. Serving all your needs in the westside from portraits, asian, tribal, lettering, black and gray, evil polynesian etc... you name it the folks over here can handle what you throw at them. Store is really nice and spacious with a roomy lounge you can lay back and watch tv while your buddy is getting some work done. Loko has been in the game for over 10 years as well as his staff can cater to all your tattoo needs.
(323) 937-4158.

limited edition japan tsunami earthquake relief boneout 2 better days tee now available

For only $20 you can own this limited edition Japan tsunami/earthquake relief tshirt where what we make will go to these victims of Japan. available in black/ white from M-2XL this wont last, 100% cotton and shipped at this price to any of lower 48 states. Very detailed with a boneout los angeles stamped in the rear neck region. paypal $20 to please specify color, size and address. Thanks

for sale: miata pocket rocket

I remember back in 2001 when I started to embrace the JDM theme while owning the "infamous for getting stolen" electron blue pearl civic Si, there was an FC i spotted in Bell at Savas Tires rocking genuine Rays Arrows wheels being driven by an asian individual. From his genuine wheels and the cleanliness of his mods, i knew this guy knew what's up. Fast forward 2005, there was a controversial BRS pink widebody 350z which was one of the talks of SEMA at the Nissan booth, low and behold it was once again Sung's car but we didnt actually meet then until the first official Ktown BCD meet back in 2006. What i recalled what Sung said before I really got to know him, he was staring at my 350z which at the time had 19" TE37s and a clean vertex style lip kit from Shine Auto Project and was like "If i had to do my 350z over again it would look exactly like this"... Honestly flattering words from a well-reknowned car builder (and a guy who actually tracks his car) Sung once again knocks it out of the park with his latest creation which is sadly up for sale, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY dont waste my buddy's time !!!! HKS Manifold Greddy Turbo (from 1.6) Koyo Radiator Mishimoto Intercooler Blitz Blowoff ...Custom Piping from JRX RC550 Injectors MSD High Pressure Electric Fuel Pump Vortex FMU ACT Stage 2 Clutch Megasquirt PNP Autometer Digital Gauges (Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure) AEM Uego Wideband Apex N1 Coilover 3" Turboback with Magnaflow Canister Harddog Hardcore Roll Bar Autokonexion 1st Gen Fastback GV Replica Front Lip R-Package Rear Lip Custom Fenders Flares XXR 513 15x8 0mm Offset Falken Azenis RT615 205x50x15
asking $6500
give this mazda masterpiece a good home !!! EMAIL:

nostalgia: boneout's flagship 1999-2006

I believe it is fair to say that my brother's 1993.5 Toyota Supra put team Boneout here in So. Cal on the map. Bought in 1999 in a non-turbo form from an older korean person at the Olympia car dealership which is now a Pinkberry on 6th street in Ktown, it was purchased way before the Fast and Furious hype. Starting off in a gross sea green color the car got its first make over with a toyota liquid metallic silver, gold Blitz wheels (hated on by the supra forums in a meet in 2001 "whats JDM you should spend your money on your motor") blitz sideskirts, stillen front... really clean... she was really beautiful and stood out in LA like a sore thumb. As luck would have it Bomex posted up on speedoptions that it was looking for a supra and I got my first big break back in 2003 with a free kit sponsorship. Do i regret the kit, honestly not really, my Bomex sponsor was really nice but the whole show thing waking up 5am in for shows and losing to a toyota celica over politics was really lame. I also wish my sponsor paved the way to other sponsors since i knew they were pretty tight with 5zigen, falken and tein but i guess you live and learn. My brother and I wouldnt have minded free sponsorships but we wouldnt shaft people if we didnt produce, I can honestly say the car was driven 3-4 X a week so it was not your typical showcar so it received alot of exposure being driven during the week especially with the Bomex full graphics. I can say for it's time this car was hella sick and helped bring team Boneout/ BRG up as its flagship. I think the crew was built around this car initially and unfortunately a few lies and being doublecrossed by a car shop led us to get into debt which eventually made us sell the car. By the time we finished with it we had a swapped/tuned 2JZGTE twin turbo JDM Toyota Aristo motor packed with the BPU setup: HKS intake, HKS titanium exhaust, HKS BOV, HKS type S intercooler and piping, Koyo radiator, Greddy hardpipe, ACT clutch, Denso iridium sparkplugs are a few things off the top of my head while sporting a custom gunmetal paintjob with metallic flake and full Bomexaero/graphics. The mothership got featured on the first volume 1, Import Racer Magazine August 2005, photoshoot. ENJOY!!!

whatchu know about that left coast if you dont know what in-n-out is

Waking up to today's Los Angeles Times was an article about 5 Guys vs In-N-Out burger and honestly you CANT get more California than In-N-Out !! That simple ..... this is like Cali's trademark, it's not a trend or a phase, the line just keeps coming. Today totally hit the spot, i went a bit mild on what i ate because I am somewhat on a diet but props to this burgerspot for putting Cali on the map and hitting the spot today for lunch. an order from the past ....