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boneout LA presents Japan Relief tshirt presale

Boneout LA japan relief tshirt preorder sizes M-2XL, profit will go directly to charity order now only $20 shipped !!! ***got tired of everyone's SAME RELIEF SHIRTS OUT THERE WE HAD TO SET THE BAR !!!*** paypal $20 shipped specify size, color and address to LIMITED QUANTITY so first come first serve THANKS !!!

boneout la /bumoff / m2 japan relief car meet

Upon less than a weeks notice, the folks over at, & M2-motoring brainstormed about putting up a car meet to help those in need over in Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami disaster that happened not to long ago. Why not hang out with cool people within So. Cal's car community while you get a chance to help out as well. You meet some of the most down-to-earth people at these meets from my past experiences and it didnt seem like a bad idea while just having a $5 minimum donation who would complain? So with the time ticking since there are quite a few events in the coming weekends we went viral on the forums mainly to the RX7, club Lexus, 350z and scion forums and expected maybe a 20-30 car turnout. We honestly only expected maybe 2-$300 which would be matched by my friend's company Fairview before we submit it into the American Red Cross. To our astonishment 60+ cars showed up and we raised $655 in only 3 hours !!!!! A variety of cars rolled out to show some love from the evo community, miata community, hella VIP dumped Lexus's, 350z/G35's quite a few RX-7/8's, some s2000s, Scions (whom were the most generous donating $20 each), some DTM powers and a few others all together having a great time while providing a global service to our brothers and sisters back in Japan. Project Definition was out shooting away some pretty sick photos and Danh from tanabe/ More-Japan was covering the event as well, peep out those links for some coverage and awesome photos. Altogether this meet was definitely a success, i loved it how when some honda folks came by revving and showing off up and down the rows, EVERYONE from all the different car groups gave them the dirtiest stares like hella mean muggin.... GOOD TIMES !!! we will take a pic of the check once we sum up our incoming donations. thanks for all your support !!!!! biggups to Rommel for helping me collect money and helping organize the event as well.

it was all a dream..... boneout manila

When i revamped boneout in 1999 in Los Angeles, it was a rough time to get things started throughout the next few years, a good friend of mine located in Manila at the time was John Sugitan whom was also a car enthusiast as well and die hard loyal to me. We ended up adding a division out in Manila in 2001 which i can say proudly is solidly 30+ cars to date. One of the reasons I respect my fellow tuners out there is because Philippines is very limited to what cars are actually imported into the country as well as aftermarket parts as well. Subaru barely got imported out there not to long ago and as an example the price on an STi is nearly double what it would be in the states ranging close to $60,000. Sadly the 350z out there is in the same price range which is somewhat ridiculous since Japan is probably closer to the Philippines than America but on the same note helps me respect the fellow tuners in the boneout family a tad bit more. Thanks to Flam, Dan J and Sho as well as the other individuals helping organize the the click out there, team Boneout Manila is definitely a force to be rekowned with as well as I have no doubt they will continue to exceed my expectations. 1.) Dan John Lacurom 2.) Sho Isomura 3.) Jan Keedrick Chua 4.) Juan Miguel V 5.) Froilan Flameño ... 6.) John Kirby Flores 7.) Jordan Ongtangco 8.) Vincent Nasol 9.) Jose Pacis 10.) KC Sanchez - Cafe 11.) Josh Roa Logarta 12.) Jomar Co 13.) Rommel Gutierrez 14.) Jerrick Estioko 15.) Paeng Jose Aviso 16.) Weinhart Kowzun 17.) Harlie Feusca 18.) Koymi Garcia 19.) Rence De Belen 20.) Unts Solis 21.) Louie Estranero 22.) Elijah Liban 23.) Rob Mejia 24.) Bruce Reyes 25.) Ken Yahagi 26.) Chadwick Garcia 27.) Catalina Potenciano 28.) Ackie Lares 29.) Migz Octaviano 30.) Rap Cristobal 31.) John David Ty 32.) Re Celestino 33.) Ken Akematsu 34.) Zeraj Omar Aman.

family affair part 1

Wesley Ngo was introduced to me by his own brother who ive known for quite some time now, Phil owned one of the cleanest preludes (featured in honda tuning) a few years back and passed on his import "know-how" to his 2 younger brothers whom now rock a pair of clean VIP Lexus's . You dont see many SC's like Wes's which is still currently being modded but even before i even met the guy i recalled scoping out his SC as i roared down Huntington like 2 years back. Since then I have come to know Wes and respect the dedication he has placed into his project which is a pretty clean platform that just keeps getting better and better. The brother's also customized a few "one off" parts and Wes recently added BC Racing coilvers which now gave the car a bit more swag. Here are the mods for Wes's 1994 Lexus SC300 Rays Ggames 99B: (19x9.5 +40 fronts, 19x9.5 +17 rears) BC racing coils, 5zigen fireball mega exhaust, custom NgoCreations side mirrors, custom NgoCreations roof spoiler, OEM visors, OEM Lexus front lip & 97+ tail lights.

pray for japan

If anyone has ever been to Japan then they would know that it is a paradise away from home, not sure if just living in LA has made me realize that American culture can be rude in general, I myself am American born and raised and so I realized this just driving through LA people seem a bit combative on the roads and even asking for directions seems to become a mission but the folks in Japan are soooo helpful, kind and courteous. My brother and I were drunk in a Lawson (convenient store like 7-11) and he accidentally knocks some chick overs on her ass and SHE APOLOGIZED !! we did but she insisted. Anyway I was looking into going overseas to help at least donate my time to help rescue victims since i have downtime till March 28th but apparently unless i FUND MYSELF they need individuals whom are experienced. I wanted to be able to do ONE decent thing in life and look back at it and know I couldve made a difference even if it was a little bit. Thank God my family over there is okay, they are in the westside Kansai region but this situation isnt a joke, it pissed me off how 50 cent and comedian Gilbert Godfried were mocking the situation on twitter. Or that ignorant UCLA chick comparing the victims of tsunami to be chinese?? WTH?? Look at this ignorance bringing up pearl harbor, so much aggravated hate when we should feel compassionate about this situation. anyways here is my quick vent and keep them in your prayers, thanks folks. Peep the before and after photos HERE use the tool in the middle to slide over the picture.

"be a man.. dooo the right thing" @

The fellas over at bumoff are pretty good friends of the boneout folks in socal and they have alot of great selection of stickers for an affordable price. They also do custom work as well so if you need to get you sticker fix on feel free to holla at the folks over at They honestly have alot of funny shit too, go peep out their site and grab some decals when you get the chance, dont get dupped off by those mall carts that rip you off... "BE A MAN DO THE RIGHT THING"

sarap buhay... the good life ...

Why live life any other way?? "Sarap Buhay" means in Filipino/tagalog "the good life" and the homie Brandon from showed me some love with this fresh tee reigning from the Lone Star state, Sarap Buhay is another lifestyle type of website which covers sick rides, events, gear, food and just about anything... really interesting site which offers some sick gear/stickers so swing by and cop some up.. there's only one life to live why not live it good 😉

Noir shabu shabu, great atmosphere and even better food

I had time to check out this spot this past weekend that always kept me curious since I've driven past it a few times and I have no regrets at all. I brought over my relative whom is a native from Japan and missed it since the places we have gone to in San Gabriel Valley region are good but was something she couldnt really relate to. One thing i liked about Noir was our server was really warm and welcoming, I usually tend to judge places by how their customer service is, I feel their aura reflects sets the mood in general as well as it respresents the restaurant. When our food came I was glad my relative was totally stoked, she said it tasted pretty authentic and hopes we can go back again. The shabu was pretty decent sized and wasn't skimped and low grade such as other places and they used our favorite ponzu sauce. Although i didnt drink wine this time they have a decent selection, if you are ever craving shabu shabu i definitely recommend this place. heres the info: 801 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 933-3229
597 presents dynoday/ tshirt release meet @ SR Motorcars come dyno your car for only $60