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little by little .....

It is 4am, I accidentally slept w/ initial D stage 1 playing on my ps3(usually reserved for rainy days like today) and the lights on, its definitely been a minute since i have posted in here, trying to market the gear as much as i can but honestly starting off with this type of smaller type of apparel business has definitely been quite promising. Unlike those individuals whom would get a huge wad of cash from their folks to start off things i have been taking things off step by step, ALL the profits are being reinvested back into the company. I never knew a custom stamp, a label maker, polymer envelopes etc.... simple items which are found in an office would have me excited waiting for the package to arrive in the mail. I am proud to say a version II of the tshirt is in the making as we speak so sit tight and be on the look out for it next week since supplies will be limited. With the tshirt game I realized that to make one and do the proper research takes time, I notice where people fail is they try to initially make a quick buck by selling low grade shit, the cheapest tshirt you can find which probably shrinks and gets the bacon neck action after 2 washes, low quality screen printing and wouldn't even invest just a tad bit more for custom tags. I feel that since I will be charging people even close friends, I'd rather have the best quality so I can be at ease for taking money from close people knowing that I am only making money like a drug dealer by volume, I am not short cutting buying defective 5 for $10 shirts in some chinatown alley or in downtown, each blank shirt I have been getting are all good grade stuff unlike the triple AAA items that fade, shrink and get the bacon neck after a few washes. I am slowly learning and my research is enabling me to make sure I do it right, I am not about that quick buck initially, I want to be that salesman who makes you feel good about something you bought without having buyer's remorse hence why I am pricing these items at a fair affordable price while keeping 110% of the quality there. Props to all the supporters in the family worldwide, also to my supporters buying the gear, spreading the word and browsing the site, it just further inspires me to do what i do BEST

fresh and hot like pizza for pick up or delivery the launch of the limited edition boneout tee now finally available

Available now for only $15 introductory price, limited production while they last at this great introductory price. Sizes M - 2XL .Order thru the gear section .

mechanic review : Tran's Precision Automotive

A traditional mom & pop's type of service center, Tran's Precision located on 2727 Stingle Ave in the city of Rosemead, CA 91770 has been servicing my family's cars for the past 8 years. They have serviced all our cars in the past and continued to do a great job at affordable prices. Come check them out with prices like $17.99 oil changes, $169.99 major 30k service for 4 cylinder cars, timing belt parts and labor including timing belt, all the belts, water pump and change coolant for only $288.95. Brake service is usually under $80-$100 for toyota, honda, acrua etc... Save some money while dealing with a trustworthy staff. (626) 572-9893 ask for michael or steve and tell them Ben referred you.

The fight of the century?? when when when ???

Pacquiao has proven himself over and over by taking on much larger and heavier opponents. The world anxiously awaits the fight of the century when he will be taking on the loud mouth, trash talking Floyd Mayweather Jr. What money can be made when these 2 collide and the ridiculous revenues that will be generated.. All the haters have been silenced by Pacquiao's impossible feats, it seems as he is willing to meet all of Mayweather Jr.'s demands, we are just waiting on you bud.
37 officially hits over 10,000+ views its 3rd week

Much love and respect for all the support for all the traffic coming thru the site. Feel free to use the forum and sell, post, rant, bitch, vent etc..... Apparel will be available soon so stay tuned 😀

KW Park sets up fastest lap time in an S2000 at WSIR

Congrats to OUR very own Kangwoo Park aka "KW" or our group's "Takumi" for setting up the fastest lap time in a Honda S2000 at Willow Springs International Raceway (Big Willow track) on only street tires running 1:31.5 .   PROPS   Keep up the good work

osaka, japan showing some love to

yes we worldwide !!!!  how we roll, all day everyday !!!!